Our Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you have read and agreed to all of the Terms and Conditions below before confirming your booking.  Payment of the Deposit or confirmation in writing (inc via email) constitutes your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions.

DIVINE: HAIR & MAKEUP represents all stylists working on behalf of Divine: DIVINE

THE CLIENT represents the person responsible for booking.

Confirmation A booking is deemed confirmed: i. if a deposit is paid. ii. the client has indicated a desire to book in writing or verbally providing an address for the services, whether a deposit is waived, accepted or not. iii. if a trial date is agreed upon.

Once a booking is confirmed, the following terms and conditions apply.

Fees & Charges

  1. All prices quoted via email or phone are to be used as a guide until a trial has been conducted. Final prices will be provided in writing after that on your booking confirmation invoice.
  2. Prices for curled or ‘updo’ hairstyles DO NOT include a blow-dry. Hair must be completely dry upon arrival or you will be charged the full price of a blow-dry in addition to your style.
  3. A surcharge may be added for services starting at 6.30am or earlier.
  4. Travel fees may apply outside of the Central Coast.
  5. The Client is responsible for providing parking and paying all parking related expenses.
  1. Public parking must be accessible within a reasonable distance from the hotel (as a guide ‘within 200mtrs’).
    We carry heavy and cumbersome equipment.


Divine Hair and Makeup accepts:

  • Direct debit into account no later than 5 days prior to event/wedding.
  • Personal cheques if received a minimum of 10 days prior to the day of service.
  • Cash on the day of a trial and the wedding/event.

Deposits: A minimum of $50 (or as indicated on your invoice) will be requested to reserve a booking.
A deposit is completely non-refundable*.
Deposits can be paid via Cash or Bank Transfer.


All cancellations must be made in writing (letter, email, text message accepted) by THE CLIENT.  If the client cancels a booking without a trial the deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation of Wedding• Up to 3 months prior to the date – None• 3 Months – 2 weeks prior to the date – 50% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation form.• 2 Week’s prior to the day and under – 100% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation invoice.

Trial Confirmation Trial appointments are not confirmed until 24 hours prior. Trial appointments must remain flexible to accommodate event day bookings.

Additional people

Extra hair and makeup bookings made on the event day are welcome, however will be agreed to at the discretion of the Stylist depending on factors such as time available, agreement to extra costs outside paid package etc. Our stylists will do their utmost to cater for additional people on the day.

Working Environment

You commit to providing us with a hygienic and smoke-free environment in which to work: whether this be your home, hotel room or other venue. You agree that a stylist/s may choose to leave prior to services being rendered if a hygienic and smoke-free environment is not available, however you will still be charged the invoice total.

Start Times

We do our utmost to arrive & finish at the times indicated and agreed. You agree to ensure that you and your party are available when we arrive & throughout our booking time. If your party is not available you understand that we may have to leave at the designated finish time before completing the full invoiced service on which you will be charged.

Stylist Availability Divine

Hair & Makeup has a team of stylists available and any one of the stylists will be allocated to an individual booking. Divine: Hair & Makeup do their utmost to ensure that the stylist booked and that completed a trial will be the stylist on the event date. Unfortunately, circumstances may result in this not being possible, such an illness or accident. Divine: Hair & Makeup will make every attempt to ensure another stylist from our team, or possibly outside of our team, will be there on the day.


To assist with future hairstyles and for promotional purposes, Divine: Hair & Makeup often take photos prior, during and following our work being completed or provided by the client. These photographs may be used for public display (e.g. website, business pages, business cards etc). If you are uncomfortable with this and wish for your images not to be used, please advise the stylist ahead of time, otherwise it is presumed that you agree to her using your images as we see fit